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Enterprise OKR and Performance
Management Software

Goals and Alignment

Align teams and individual goals to the organization's top priorities

Conversations, Feedback, Recognition

Facilitate continuous coaching, skill development goal progress

Insights and Analytics

Actionable program and workforce insights, at a glance

Team Edition

Empower teams to set aspirational goals and transparently track progress


Listen to employees at all stages in their lifecycle and take action.


Up-to-date, real time insights into employee performance

The Creators

Amanda Iles

Senior Customer Success Manager, Betterworks

Amanda Iles is a Senior Customer Success Manager with Betterworks. She specializes in creating scalable performance programs that focus on change management and driving overall business value. In her role, she partners closely with innovative HR leaders making the shift to continuous performance management and supports in the development of a more agile and streamlined performance program.

Sam Schlunz

Solutions Engineer, Betterworks Engage

Sam Schlunz is the Solutions Engineer for Betterworks Engage product. Sam's passion for culture and development is on display daily at Betterworks, working alongside customers from all industries to develop and execute a strategy for employee engagement. A background in motivating, training and developing high performing sales teams laid the groundwork for expertise in employee engagement.

I’m a big believer in the OKR methodology, and I’m excited to have Betterworks to help us focus our team on top priorities and transform our performance management process.

R.C. Buford,
CEO at Spurs Sports and Entertainment


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