Live Webinar

OKRs for Employee Engagement

How to nail strategy execution with OKRs
and employee engagement


Wednesday, October 21
11:00 AM PDT | 1:00 PM CT
2:00 PM EDT

Chances are, you know what Employee Engagement is considering it was one of the hottest HR topics of the last year. But have you been treating it like the success factor that it is? Employee Engagement is no longer an HR-only topic, it’s a business topic. And it’s too important to get wrong - especially in a post-COVID world.

So let’s talk about getting it right.

Join PM2 Consulting and betterworks for an informative and thought-provoking webinar discussing how Employee Engagement and OKRs can work in tandem to create a business strategy that sets you up for success. Learn from two experts discussing data, performance, and measurement that shows why engagement tracking is a critical tool for business leaders.

Hosted by:

Brett Knowles

Founder and Leader of pm2 Consulting
Brett Knowles, founder and leader of pm2 consulting firm, is a notable thought leader and consultant in strategy development and execution. Brett is an advocate for the implementation of OKRs as a method for performance management and assists organizations in achieving sustainable improvement through the execution of strategic intent.

Arnaud Grunwald

Chief Strategy Officer at betterworks
Arnaud Grunwald is the Chief Strategy Officer at betterworks, helping to link our customers’ talent to their strategy execution through a unique combination of Goal Alignment (OKRs), Continuous Performance Management and Employee Engagement. Previously, Arnaud founded and led Hyphen - an employee engagement analytics company acquired by betterworks in early 2020.

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